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Gina Bulgamin is a Helsinki-based jewellery brand established in 2005 by Indonesian jewellery designer Gina Bulgamin-Salo.


Her jewelry line consists of timeless and uniquely designed collections and bespoke pieces in silver and gold that accentuate the beauty of organic graphical forms and function.


Each jewellery piece tells a story that is inspired by the fleeting moments of everyday life or Gina’s love for architecture and nature. Her designs carry Scandinavian clean-cut simplicity with decorative influences from her Indonesian roots.


All Gina Bulgamin jewellery is handmade in Finland by both traditional and modern methods designed to last. They are all designed and made by Gina herself in her studio in Töölö, Helsinki. Her dream is to create special adornments that can be cherished forever.

If Gina's jewellery and designs have caught your eye, do not hesitate to get in touch.



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